Windows Developer Preview–Keyboard Shortcuts

After Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in a Virtual Machine or on older hardware, you will immediately find that the interface is a bit clunky without touch of any kind.  Hopefully the following list of keyboard shortcuts will help to alleviate the pain.

  • The Windows Key takes you back to the Start Screen.
  • Alt + Tab brings up the application switcher.
  • Windows Keys + Tab cycles through the running applications.
  • Windows Key + C or hovering over the bottom left corner of the screen with your mouse brings up the Charms Menu.
  • Windows Key + F opens the search screen (or you can just start typing on the Start Screen).
  • Windows Key + Z brings up the application bars.
  • Windows Key + D takes you to your desktop.
  • Windows Key + L Locks the system (as usual).
  • Windows Key + I brings up the Settings.
  • Windows Key + E opens Windows Explorer on your desktop.
  • Windows Key + R takes you to your desktop and opens the Run Prompt.
  • CTRL-ALT-DEL brings up a screen to log off, shut down, switch users, etc.
  • Right clicking a Tile on the Start Screen brings up options (Unpin, changes size, etc.)
  • Right Clicking in a Metro app brings up the application bars.
  • The mouse scroll wheel pans through the items on your Start Screen, although it seems a bit buggy on my VM.

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