Build Windows – Day 1

Day one of the conference was exciting.  We got out first official look at the Windows 8 Developer Preview with the new Metro Interface, Visual Studio 11 Express, and some demos of building applications with Metro.   Oh, and of course, all the attendees received their Samsung Windows 8 Developer’s PC.  I’ll blog about the PC a bit later, I just got mine up and running due to the lack of internet connectivity around the hotel last night.  Funny thing, if you give 5000 developers a new PC that they have to activate on line the network gets bogged down…

Anyway, a few take aways from yesterday’s Key Note and demos.

  • There is a new Windows API called WinRT (Windows Run Time) which is baked directly into the OS (ie. it’s not a framework layered on top) which is the new way to program on the Windows Platform.
  • Windows 8 has a much smaller memory footprint than Windows 7 (nearly half) and is extremely optimized for performance.
  • Visual Studio 11 supports creating Metro apps from C++, C# & VB.Net, and HTML 5 / Javascript.  (ie. .Net is NOT dead for all those fear mongering before the conference.)
  • Getting started creating simple Metro apps is easy using the built in Visual Studio Templates.
  • WinRT does not support GDI.
  • The Windows 8 interface is extremely immersive and personal.


More to come later.  I have to head out for the Day 2 Keynote.

Looking forward to some great break out sessions today.


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